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  • verb
    rigs; rigged; rigging
    [+ obj] :to control or affect (something, such as a game or election) in a dishonest way in order to get a desired result
    plural rigs
    [count] equipment or machinery that is used for a particular purpose
    an oil-drilling rig = an oil rig
    a radio rig
    US :a large truck that is attached to a trailer
    He drives a big rig.
    the way the sails and masts are arranged on a ship or boat
    the rig of a schooner
    rigs; rigged; rigging
    [+ obj] to build or set up (something) usually quickly and for temporary use
    to place (something) in the proper position for use
    to provide (a boat or ship) with ropes, sails, etc.
    to provide (someone or something) with particular clothing or equipment - usually + out
    to put something secretly in (a place) - usually + with

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