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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    The form bitterer is almost never used to mean more bitter, but the form bitterest is commonly used to mean most bitter.
    having a strong and often unpleasant flavor that is the opposite of sweet
    Cocoa beans have a bitter flavor.
    The medicine had a bitter aftertaste.
    causing painful emotions
    We were struck by the bitter irony of the situation.
    A bitter pill or a bitter pill to swallow is something that is difficult or painful to accept.
    The defeat was a bitter pill for the team to swallow.
    angry and unhappy because of unfair treatment
    His betrayal had made her bitter.
    feeling or showing a lot of hatred or anger
    bitter enemies
    a bitter argument
    a bitter reply
    very cold
    a bitter wind
    bitter cold
    to/until the bitter end
    until the end of something that may be very bad, unpleasant, etc.
    I knew she would stand by me to the bitter end.
    plural -ters
    bitters [plural] :a bitter alcoholic liquid that is used especially in mixed drinks
    Brit :a type of beer that has a slightly bitter flavor [noncount]
    a pint of bitter [count]

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