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  • adjective
    whiter; -est
    having the color of fresh snow or milk
    He was wearing white sneakers.
    a white T-shirt/blouse
    white socks
    white lilies
    puffy white clouds
    white hair
    He had a long, white beard.
    white rice
    light or pale in color
    Her lips were white with fear.
    He turned white when he heard the news. - see also snow-white
    of or relating to a race of people who have light-colored skin and who come originally from Europe
    The suspect was a white [=Caucasianmale.
    His mother is Hispanic and his father is white.
    US :not having anything written or printed on it
    There was too much white [=emptyblankspace on the page.
    Brit :served with cream or milk
    white coffee/tea
    a white Christmas
    a Christmas when there is snow on the ground or when it is snowing
    We were hoping for a white Christmas.
    plural whites
    [count, noncount] :the very light color of fresh snow or milk - see color picture
    [noncount] :white clothing
    nurses dressed in white [=in white uniforms]
    The bride looked beautiful in white. [=in her white dress]
    b whites [plural] :white clothes used to play sports
    [count] :a white or light-colored thing or part: such as
    the white part of the eye
    the clear or white liquid around the yolk of an egg
    [count] :a person belonging to a race of people who have light-colored skin :a white person :caucasian
    usually plural

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