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  • verb
    vents; vented; venting
    [+ obj] US :to allow (something, such as smoke or gas) to go out through an opening
    to express (an emotion) usually in a loud or angry manner [+ obj]
    Don't vent your anger on me. [no obj]
    I screamed because I needed to vent.
    plural vents
    [count] :an opening through which air, steam, smoke, liquid, etc., can go into or out of a room, machine, or container
    a heating vent
    a vent for the clothes dryer
    [singular] :an opportunity or a way to express a strong emotion that you have not openly shown
    [count] :a thin opening at the bottom of a jacket or skirt where a seam ends
    give vent to
    to express (a strong emotion, such as anger) in a forceful and open way
    He gave vent to his annoyance.

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