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  • noun
    plural twins
    [count] either one of two babies that are born at the same time to the same mother
    I didn't know she had a twin. [=a sister/brother who is her twin] - compare quadrupletquintupletsextuplettripletsee also conjoined twin, fraternal twin, identical twin
    either one of two similar things that form a pair
    I found one glove but I can't find its twin. [=I can't find the other glove]
    always used before a noun
    used to describe children who are twins
    my twin brother [=my brother who is my twin]
    They had twin girls.
    made up of two similar things that are used together
    forming one of a pair of related or connected ideas or places
    twins; twinned; twinning
    [+ obj] to bring (two things) together in close association - usually used as (be) twinned
    Brit :to form a relationship between (two towns in two countries) - usually used as (be) twinned

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