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  • verb
    -bines; -bined; -bining
    [+ obj] :to cause (two or more things) to be together or to work together
    [+ obj] :to mix (two or more things) together to form a single thing
    Combine the ingredients (togetherin a large bowl.
    [no obj] :to come together and form a single thing or group
    Atoms combine [=uniteto form molecules.
    [+ obj] :to have (two or more different things) at the same time
    She found it difficult to combine a career and family.
    [no obj] :to act together
    plural -bines
    [count] a group of people or organizations that work together
    The teams belong to a combine that scouts new players.
    a political combine
    a machine that cuts crops (such as corn or wheat) and separates the seeds of the plant from the rest of the plant

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