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  • noun
    plural rakes
    [count] :a tool that has a series of metal, wooden, or plastic pieces at the end of a long handle and that is used to gather leaves, break apart soil, make ground smooth, etc.
    a leaf rake - compare 3rake 4rake
    rakes; raked; raking
    to use a rake to gather leaves, break apart soil, make ground smooth, etc. [+ obj]
    rake (upleaves
    Rake (outthe soil until it's level.
    rake the lawn [=use a rake to remove leavessticksetc., from the lawn] [no obj]
    always followed by an adverb or preposition [+ obj] :to move (your fingers or something similar) through or along something
    [+ obj] :to shoot many bullets along (something)
    [no obj] Brit informal :to search through something by using your hand
    rake in
    [phrasal verb] informal
    rake (something) in or rake in (something) :to earn or receive (a large amount of money)
    rake it in :to earn a lot of money
    rake over
    [phrasal verb]
    rake over (something) chiefly Brit informal :to continue to think or talk about (something that happened in the past)
    rake (someone) over the coals
    xem coal
    rake up
    [phrasal verb]
    rake (something) up or rake up (something) informal :to talk about (something unpleasant that happened in the past)
    She didn't like to rake up [=dredge upbad memories.
    [singular] :an upward or downward slant :slope
    the forward rake of the barge - compare 1rake 4rake
    plural rakes
    [count] old-fashioned :a man who leads an immoral life and is mainly interested in pleasure
    a selfish rake - compare 1rake 3rake

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