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  • noun
    plural meals
    [count] the foods eaten or prepared for eating at one time
    This soup is a meal in itself. [=all that is needed for a meal] - see also square meal
    a time or occasion when food is eaten :the act or time of eating a meal
    She makes us drink a glass of milk at every meal.
    We went to Grandma's for a big holiday meal.
    If you want to lose weightdon't eat between meals. - compare 2meal
    make a meal (out) of
    to eat (a particular food) as your meal without anything else
    This bread is so goodI could make a meal of it.
    Brit informal :to do (something) in a way that makes it seem more important or difficult than it really is
    It's not all that hardyou knowDon't make a meal of it!
    [noncount] a coarse flour made from ground seeds - see also cornmeal
    something that looks or feels like meal - see also bonemeal - compare 1meal

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