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  • noun
    /ˈnaɪf/ , pl knives /ˈnaɪvz/
    [count] :a usually sharp blade attached to a handle that is used for cutting or as a weapon
    Each dinner guest gets two forksa knife, and a spoon.
    He pulled/drew a knife on me and threatened to stab me with it.
    like a (hot) knife through butter
    informal :very quickly and easily
    the knives are out (for someone)
    used to say that people are ready to blame or punish someone for something often in a way that is unfair
    twist/turn the knife (in the wound)
    informal :to say or do things that cause more pain to someone who is already suffering
    under the knife
    informal :having a medical operation
    knifes; knifed; knifing
    [+ obj] :to injure (someone) with a knife
    [no obj] :to move easily and quickly like a knife cutting through something

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