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  • verb
    slashes; slashed; slashing
    [+ obj] to make a long cut in (something) with a knife or other sharp weapon
    to make (a path) by cutting plants
    to reduce (something) by a large amount
    slash at
    [phrasal verb]
    slash at (someone or something) :to attack (someone or something) violently with a knife or other sharp weapon
    plural slashes
    [count] :a thin and usually long cut made with a knife or other sharp object
    There was a horrible slash on his arm.
    [count] :a quick movement with a sharp knife or weapon to cut someone or something
    He cut my cheek with a quick slash of the knife.
    [count] :a patch or line of bright light or color
    a dark painting with a slash of red
    [count] :the mark that is used to mean or (as in and/or), and or (as in bottles/cans), or per (as in kilometers/hour) or as a division sign in fractions (as in {frac3/4}) - called also slash mark, (Brit) oblique
    [singular] Brit slang :an act of urinating
    He got out of the car to have/take a slash.

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