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  • noun
    plural jacks
    [count] :a device used for lifting something heavy (such as a car)
    [count] :a playing card that has a picture of a soldier or servant and that is worth more than a ten and less than a queen
    [count] :a small opening where something connects with a wire to something else
    [count] :a small usually metal object that has six points and that is used in the game of jacks
    b jacks [plural] :a child's game in which jacks are thrown and picked up while bouncing and catching a small ball
    [noncount] US slang :anything at all - used in negative statements
    You don't know jack. = (offensiveYou don't know jack shit.
    jacks; jacked; jacking
    jack in
    [phrasal verb]
    jack in (something) or jack (something) in Brit informal :to stop doing (something)
    jack off
    [phrasal verb] US informal + impolite of a man :masturbate
    jack up
    [phrasal verb]
    jack up (something) or jack (something) up
    to lift (something, such as a car) with a jack
    informal :to increase (something, such as a price) by a large amount

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