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  • adjective
    of, relating to, or made in your own country
    the domestic economy/market
    The wine is domestic.
    domestic and imported cheeses
    always used before a noun :relating to or involving someone's home or family
    domestic happiness
    His domestic [=homelife was not very happy.
    a always used before a noun :relating to the work (such as cooking and cleaning) that is done in a person's home
    [more ~; most ~] - used to describe a person who enjoys work and activities that are done at home
    I'm not a domestic person.
    She is not very domestic.
    c always used before a noun :used in the home
    of an animal :living with people :bred or trained to need and accept the care of human beings :domesticated
    The wolf is related to the domestic dog.
    wild and domestic cats
    domestic animals/cattle
    plural -tics
    [count] old-fashioned :a servant who is hired to work in someone's home :a domestic servant
    Brit informal :a fight between members of a family or household
    She got in a domestic with her husband.

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