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  • noun
    plural -cies
    [count] :a food that people like to eat because it is special or rare
    [noncount] :the quality of being delicate: such as
    the quality of being easily broken or damaged
    the delicacy of the glassware
    the quality of being easily injured, hurt, or made sick
    the delicacy [=frailtyof his health
    the attractive quality of something that is formed from many small or fine parts
    The curtains were made from fine lace of great delicacy.
    the delicacy of the young boy's features
    the appealing quality of something that is not too strong
    the delicacy of the perfume
    the delicacy of the wine's flavor
    [noncount] special care or skill that is needed to prevent people from becoming upset or angry
    the quality of requiring special care or skill