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  • noun
    plural tars
    [count, noncount]
    a very thick, black, sticky liquid made from coal that becomes hard when it cools and that is used especially for road surfaces - see also coal tar
    a sticky substance that is formed by burning tobacco
    tars; tarred; tarring
    [+ obj] :to cover (something) with tar
    tar a roadway
    tar and feather (someone)
    to cover (someone) with tar and then with feathers as an old-fashioned punishment
    informal :to punish (someone) very severely
    If I don't get home in timeMom will tar and feather me.
    tar (someone) with the same brush
    to think that (someone) has the same bad qualities and deserves the same blame or criticism as another person because of being connected or associated with that person in some way

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