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  • verb
    /ˈspɪt/ spits; spat /ˈspæt/ or chiefly US spit; spitting
    [no obj] :to force saliva from your mouth
    She saw him spit on the sidewalk.
    He spit/spat in my face.
    [+ obj] :to force (something, such as food or liquid) from your mouth - often + out
    He took a taste of the soup and quickly spat/spit it out.
    I'm so angryI could spit nails!
    [+ obj] :to say (something) in a quick and angry way
    [no obj] :to throw off or send out something (such as sparks or drops of fat) especially while burning or cooking
    informal :to rain or snow lightly [no obj]
    a coldspitting rain [+ obj]
    spit it out
    informal - used to tell someone to say something that he or she does not want to say or is having a hard time saying.
    Come on, spit it outWhat happened?
    spit up
    [phrasal verb]
    spit up or spit (something) up or spit up (something) US informal of babies :to vomit or throw up a usually small amount of food or liquid
    The baby spit up all over my blouse.
    [noncount] the liquid produced in your mouth :saliva
    I wiped the spit [=droolspittleoff the baby's chin.
    someone who looks very much like someone else :spitting image
    She's the spit and image of her mother. = (BritShe's the (dead) spit of her mother. - compare 3spit
    spit and vinegar
    US informal :strength and energy
    She's 80 years old but still full of spit and vinegar.
    plural spits
    [count] a thin pointed rod or stick that is used for holding meat over a fire to cook it
    a narrow piece of land that goes out into a body of water
    a narrow spit of land - compare 2spit

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