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  • noun
    plural ships
    a large boat used for traveling long distances over the sea [count]
    the captain of the ship [noncount]
    He will travel by ship. - see also flagshipsteamshiptall ship, troopshipwarship
    [count] :a large airplane or spacecraft - see also airship, rocket ship, spaceship
    abandon ship
    jump ship
    to leave a ship without the captain's permission
    He planned to jump ship at the  port.
    to suddenly or unexpectedly leave a group, team, etc.
    run a tight ship
    to manage or handle a group of people in a strict and effective way
    The boss runs a tight ship.
    ship comes in
    When your ship comes in, you become very successful or wealthy.
    She's still waiting for her ship to come in.
    ships; shipped; shipping
    to send (something) to a customer [+ obj]
    Your order is expected to ship soon.
    to send (a new product) to stores so that it can be bought by customers [+ obj]
    always followed by an adverb or preposition [+ obj] :to send (someone) to a place that is usually far away
    [+ obj] of a ship or boat :to take in (water) over the side
    ship out
    [phrasal verb]
    to leave one place and go to another for military duties
    The troops will be shipping out  month. - see also shape up or ship out at 2shape

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