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  • noun
    plural trucks
    [count] a vehicle that carries things: such as
    a very large, heavy vehicle that is used to move large or numerous objects
    a flatbed/tanker truck
    a delivery truck - called also (Britlorry
    see picture on next page; see also dump truck, fire truck, tow truck
    a vehicle that is larger than a car and that has an open back with low sides :pickup - see also panel truck
    a piece of equipment that has wheels and handles and that you push or pull to move heavy objects
    Brit :a railroad car that is open at the top
    a cattle truck
    have/hold/want no truck with
    to refuse to be involved with (someone or something)
    I'll have no truck with such nonsense.
    trucks; trucked; trucking
    [+ obj] :to transport (something) in a truck
    always followed by an adverb or preposition [no obj] informal :to move or go especially in an easy, steady, or relaxed way

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