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  • noun
    [noncount] all the vehicles driving along a certain road or in a certain area
    Let's leave early to avoid rush hour traffic.
    Traffic is backed up to the bridge.
    traffic congestion
    a traffic accident
    the movement of airplanes, ships, etc., along routes
    air traffic
    the amount of people who pass through a certain place or travel in a certain way
    We get a lot of foot traffic [=people who walk by and stop to lookin our shop.
    computers :the number of people who visit a Web site or use a system
    We're trying to increase traffic to our site.
    the buying and selling of illegal goods or services especially between countries
    -fics; -ficked; -ficking
    [no obj] :to buy or sell something especially illegally - usually + in
    I don't traffic in sarcasm.

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