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  • noun
    plural -tions
    [count] :a particular feeling or effect that your body experiences
    She felt a burning sensation in her throat.
    a sensation of hunger
    [count] :a particular feeling or experience that may not have a real cause
    I had a sensation of falling. [=I felt as if I were falling]
    She had the strange sensation that someone was watching her.
    I couldn't quite shake the sensation that I'd been fooled.
    [noncount] :the ability to feel things through your physical senses
    Her injury left her with no sensation in her legs.
    [count] a lot of excitement and interest - usually singular
    The news created (quitea sensation.
    News of the corporate merger caused a sensation on the stock market.
    someone or something that causes a lot of excitement and interest - usually singular
    a music/pop sensation

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