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  • noun
    plural hills
    [count] :a usually rounded area of land that is higher than the land around it but that is not as high as a mountain
    The house was built at the very top of the hill.
    [count] :an area of sloping ground on a road, path, etc.
    Our driveway is a longsteep hill.
    He came barreling down the hill at 65 miles per hour.
    [count] :a pile of something :heap, mound
    the Hill US informal - used to refer to the U.S. Congress
    a proposed new law that is being debated on the Hill [=on Capitol Hill]
    a hill of beans
    chiefly US informal :something that has little or no value - used in negative statements
    over the hill
    informal :old and no longer successful, attractive, etc.
    an athlete who's over the hill

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