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  • verb
    hacks; hacked; hacking
    to cut (something or someone) many times and usually in a rough and violent way. [+ obj]
    He hacked (awayat the tree with an ax. - see also hack off (below)
    [+ obj] :to make (a path) by cutting plants
    [+ obj] informal :to manage or deal with (something) successfully - usually used in negative statements
    He just couldn't hack the new job. - often used in the phrase hack it
    [no obj] :to cough loudly
    computers :to secretly get access to the files on a computer or network in order to get information, cause damage, etc. [no obj]
    + into
    She was trying to hack into the network.
    hack off
    [phrasal verb]
    hack (something) off or hack off (something) :to cut (something) off in a rough and violent way
    She used an ax to hack the dead branch off (the tree).
    hack (someone) off also hack off (someone) informal :to make (someone) angry and annoyed
    plural hacks
    [count] the act of hitting something roughly with an ax, knife, etc.
    He took a hack at the branch.
    baseball informal :swing
    He took a hack at a high fastball and popped it up.
    a loud, dry cough
    a smoker's hack - compare 3hack
    plural hacks
    [count] disapproving
    a writer who produces a large amount of work mainly to make money
    a hack writer
    someone who does work that is not important or original
    a political hack
    US old-fashioned + informal :taxi also; :the driver of a taxi :cabdriver
    a horse that can be hired for use
    an old, worn-out horse - compare 2hack

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