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  • noun
    plural -ers
    [count] someone who cuts and sells meat in a shop
    someone who kills animals and prepares their meat to be eaten
    a shop that sells meat
    The town was small but had a grocery store and a butcher (store/shop).
    someone who kills a lot of people or animals in a brutal or cruel way
    informal :someone who does something very roughly and badly
    That surgeon is a butcher! [=a terrible surgeon]
    have/take a butcher's
    Brit informal :to look at something
    -ers; -ered; -ering
    [+ obj] to kill (an animal) and prepare its meat for sale
    They've hired someone to butcher the hogs.
    to kill (people or animals) in a brutal and cruel way
    informal :to do (something) very badly :to make a mess of (something)

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