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  • noun
    plural hats
    [count] :a covering for the head that often has a brim and a rounded or flat top
    a straw hat - see also cowboy hat, hard hat, top hat - see also old hat
    at the drop of a hat
    xem drop
    hang your hat
    The place where you hang your hat is the place where you live or stay.
    I'm looking for a new place to hang my hat.
    hat in hand
    xem hand
    hats off to
    informal - used to give praise or credit to someone
    I'll eat my hat
    xem eat
    keep (something) under your hat
    to keep (something) secret :to not tell anyone about (something)
    pass the hat
    to collect money usually for a particular purpose
    take your hat off to
    informal :to give (someone) praise or credit
    I (have totake my hat off to herShe did a great job.
    talk through your hat
    xem talk
    throw/toss your hat in/into the ring
    to announce that you are going to try to win a contest (such as an election)
    tip your hat
    xem tip
    wear many hats
    to have many jobs or roles

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