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  • verb
    chops; chopped; chopping
    [+ obj] :to cut (something) into pieces by hitting it with the sharp edge of an ax, knife, etc.
    They intend to chop [=lowerprices for the sale.
    Our budget was chopped [=cutin half. [=it is now half of what it was]
    chop and change
    Brit informal :to keep changing your mind, your way of doing something, etc.
    chop down
    [phrasal verb]
    chop (something) down or chop down (something) :to cut (a tree, bush, etc.) at the bottom so that it falls to the ground
    chop off
    [phrasal verb]
    chop (something) off or chop off (something) :to remove (something) by cutting
    He used his knife to chop off a hunk of bread.
    chop up
    [phrasal verb]
    chop (something) up or chop up (something) :to cut (something) into small pieces
    plural chops
    [count] a small piece of meat that usually includes a bone from an animal's side
    the act of hitting something with the sharp edge of an ax, knife, etc.
    He cut off the branch with a single chop.
    the act of hitting someone or something with the side of your hand
    He broke the boards with a karate chop.
    for the chop
    Brit informal - used to say that someone is going to lose a job or that something is being stopped or canceled
    More than 100 jobs are for the chop. [=are going/likely to be eliminated]
    get the chop
    Brit informal :to lose your job
    give (someone) the chop
    Brit informal :to take someone's job away
    His boss gave him the chop. [=his boss fired himhis boss gave him the ax]

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