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  • verb
    coughs; coughed; coughing
    [no obj]
    to force air through your throat with a short, loud noise often because you are sick
    The dust made him cough.
    to make a noise like that of coughing
    cough up
    [phrasal verb]
    cough up (something) or cough (something) up
    to have (something, such as blood) come up through your throat and out of your mouth when you cough
    informal :to give (something, such as money or information) to someone especially when you do not want to
    We had to cough up an extra hundred dollars for the car rental.
    US sports :to fail to keep or hold (something)
    plural coughs
    [count] a physical condition or illness that causes someone to cough
    He has a cough and a cold.
    He has a terrible smoker's cough. [=a cough caused by smoking] - see also whooping cough
    an act of coughing or the sound made when someone coughs
    I heard a cough from the back of the church.
    He gave a cough [=he coughedto get my attention.

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