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  • noun
    plural fiddles
    [count] informal
    an expert with/on the fiddle
    Brit :a dishonest way of getting money :swindle, scam
    arrested for a tax fiddle
    fit as a fiddle
    xem fit
    play second fiddle
    to have a less important position or status than someone or something else :to be regarded or treated as less important
    a former star athlete who is not happy to play second fiddle as he nears the end of his career - often + to
    fiddles; fiddled; fiddling
    [no obj] informal :to play a violin
    [+ obj] chiefly Brit informal :to secretly change (something, such as information) in a harmful or dishonest way
    fiddle [=fudgethe accounts/books
    fiddle around
    or chiefly Brit fiddle about [phrasal verb]
    to spend time in activity that does not have a real purpose
    fiddle with
    [phrasal verb]
    fiddle with (something)
    to move or handle (something) with your hands or fingers in a nervous way
    to change or handle (something, such as the controls of a machine) in a way that shows you are not sure what to do
    to change (something) in a harmful or foolish way

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