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  • noun
    plural toys
    [count] something a child plays with
    a plastic/wooden/plush/stuffed toy - see also chew toy, soft toy, tinkertoy
    sometimes disapproving :something that an adult buys or uses for enjoyment or entertainment
    Her latest toy is a sports car.
    something that is very small
    Your car is just a toy compared to this truck.
    a person who is controlled or used by someone else
    She's just his toy.
    (USa boy toy = (Brita toy boy [=a young man who is having a romantic or sexual relationship with an older woman]
    toys; toyed; toying
    toy with
    [phrasal verb]
    toy with (something)
    to think about (something) briefly and not very seriously
    to move or touch (something) with your fingers often without thinking
    toy with (someone or something) :to deal with or control (someone or something) in a clever and usually unfair or selfish way
    always used before a noun
    of, for, or relating to toys
    a toy store
    Put your toys back in the toy box/chest.
    of a kind that is meant for a child to play with
    used to describe an animal (such as a dog) that is the smallest kind of a particular breed
    a toy poodle