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  • noun
    plural kits
    [count] :a set of tools or supplies that a person uses for a particular purpose or activity
    a makeup kit
    an electrician's tool kit - see also drum kit
    [count] :a set of parts that are put together to build something
    He built the shed from a kit.
    [count] :a collection of written materials about a particular subject
    a tourist information kit - see also press kit
    [noncount] Brit :clothing or equipment used for a particular purpose
    The team wore their new kit.
    first aid kit
    see first aid
    get/take your kit off
    Brit informal :to take off your clothes
    She agreed to get her kit off for the photos.
    the whole (kit and) caboodle
    kits; kitted; kitting
    kit out/up
    [phrasal verb]
    kit out/up (someone or something) or kit (someone or something) out/up Brit :to give (someone or something) the clothing or equipment needed for a particular activity - usually used as (be) kitted out/up

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