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  • adjective
    always used before a noun :of or relating to the people who live in a country
    a period of civil unrest [=a time when groups of people in a country fight one another] - see also civil disobedience, civil war
    always used before a noun :of or relating to the regular business of the people in a city, town, state, etc. :not connected to the military or to a religion
    They got married in a civil ceremony at city hall.
    not used before a noun [more ~; most ~] :polite but not friendly :only as polite as a person needs to be in order to not be rude
    It was hard to be civil when I felt so angry.
    She was barely civil to me. - opposite uncivil
    [more ~; most ~] :caring about art, science, government, people's well-being, etc.
    always used before a noun law :relating to laws that describe a person's rights rather than to laws about crime
    civil cases
    rules of civil procedure - compare 1criminal 2; see also civil law, civil liberty, civil rights

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