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  • noun
    plural breasts
    [count] :either one of the two soft parts on a woman's chest that produce milk when she has a baby - often used before another noun
    breast cancer
    breast tissue/milk
    [count] a old-fashioned + literary :the front part of a person's body between the neck and the stomach :chest
    She clasped the child to her breast. [=bosom]
    My breast heaved with emotion.
    b literary :the chest thought of as the place where emotions are felt
    Dark thoughts lurked within his breast. [=heart]
    [count] :the front part of a bird's body below the neck
    a bird with an orange breast
    meat from the front part of a bird's or animal's body [noncount]
    I ordered the grilled breast of chicken.
    a few slices of turkey breast
    breast of lamb/veal [count]
    Do you prefer a breast or a leg?
    [count] :the part of a piece of clothing that covers a person's chest
    the breast of a jacket
    usually used before another noun
    He kept a watch in his breast pocket.
    make a clean breast of
    to speak openly and honestly about (something that you have previously lied about or kept secret)
    I decided to make a clean breast of it/things and admit that I was to blame.
    breasts; breasted; breasting
    [+ obj] formal :to push against or move through (something) with your chest forward

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