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  • noun
    plural busts
    [count] a sculpture of a person's head and neck and usually a part of the shoulders and chest
    a marble/bronze bust
    a bust of Albert Einstein
    a woman's breasts
    a measurement taken around a woman's chest and back
    bust size - compare 3bust
    busts; busted also Brit bust; busting
    [+ obj] informal
    to break (something): such as
    to cause (something) to stop working by damaging it
    to cause (something) to separate into parts or pieces
    bust a window
    to arrest (someone)
    to catch (someone) doing something wrong
    US impolite - used in phrases like bust your butt/ass to describe working very hard
    US :to hit or punch (someone)
    bust a/your gut
    xem gut
    bust out
    [phrasal verb] informal
    bust out (doing something) :to begin (doing something) suddenly :to burst out (doing something)
    bust out (something) or bust (something) out :to take (something) from the place where it is stored so that it can be used
    to escape from a prison, jail, etc.
    bust up
    [phrasal verb] informal
    to end your relationship with someone
    bust up (something) or bust (something) up :to cause (something) to end
    Police hope to bust up the crime ring for good.
    or bust
    informal - used to say that you will do everything possible to get somewhere
    The sign on the car said New Orleans or bust!
    plural busts
    [count] informal
    US :a complete failure :flop
    usually singular
    The new product was a bust.
    an occurrence in which the police catch and arrest people committing a crime
    a big drug bust - compare 1bust
    go bust
    informal :to spend or lose all of your money :to go broke
    The company has gone bust.

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