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  • noun
    plural beans
    [count] a seed that is eaten as a vegetable and that comes from any one of many different kinds of climbing plants
    a part of a plant that contains very young seeds and that is eaten as a vegetable - see also green bean, pole bean, snap bean, string bean, wax bean
    a plant that produces beans
    a seed that looks like a bean but that does not come from a climbing plant
    a vanilla bean - see also jelly bean, jumping bean
    a hill of beans
    xem hill
    full of beans
    full of energy and life
    US :not correct or truthful :full of nonsense
    not know beans about
    US informal :to not know anything about (something)
    spill the beans
    informal :to reveal secret information
    beans; beaned; beaning
    [+ obj] informal :to hit (someone) on the head with something

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