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  • verb
    stoops; stooped; stooping
    [no obj]
    to bend down or over
    He had to stoop to pick it up.
    to walk or stand with your head and shoulders bent forward
    He tends to stoop as he walks.
    to do something that is not honest, fair, etc.
    She would never stoop to lying. [=she would never lieshe is too good a person to lie]
    He really did thatI didn't think he could stoop so low.
    stoop to someone's level
    xem level
    [singular] :a bend or curve forward of your back and shoulders
    He walks with a slight stoop. - compare 3stoop
    plural stoops
    [count] US :a raised area (such as a porch, platform, or stairway) at the entrance to a house or building
    I found a package on the (front/back) stoop. - compare 2stoop