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  • adjective
    always used before a noun
    used in or for standing
    Start the exercise in a standing position.
    done while in a standing position
    a standing jump
    not flowing :stagnant
    standing water
    remaining at the same level or amount until canceled
    The standing offer for the computer system is $1,499.
    continuing to exist or be used for an unlimited period of time :permanent
    standing armies/committees
    a standing tradition
    plural -ings
    [count] :the position or rank of someone in a group
    a lawyer of high standing
    (chiefly USa member in/of good standing [=status]
    standings [plural] US sports :a list that shows the positions of the players or teams that are competing against each other
    [noncount] :length of existence :duration
    a marriage of many years' standing

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