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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~] :done, found, or used most of the time or in most cases :normal or regular
    She charges less than the usual fee.
    He took his usual route to work.
    my usual activities
    We've been working more than (is) usual.
    She is not my usual doctor.
    It's usual to charge a fee for delivery.
    It's not usual for him to get home so late.
    as usual
    in the way that happens or exists most of the time or in most cases
    We joked and laughed as usual.
    The wait was twice as long as usual.
    I was very tired at the end of the dayas usual. - sometimes used with per
    He complained endlesslyas per usual. [=as he usually does]
    be your usual self
    to behave in the way you usually do
    business as usual
    the usual suspects
    the usual
    what happens or is done most of the time
    What have you been doing latelyOhyou knowThe usual. [=the things I usually do]
    what someone chooses to eat or drink most of the time - used especially in restaurants, bars, etc.
    What'll it beJoeI'll have the usual, please.

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