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  • noun
    /ˈstæf, Brit ˈstɑːf/ , pl staffs or staves /ˈsteɪvz/
    pl staffs
    a group of people who work for an organization or business [count]
    The entire staff has done a great job this year.
    The staff is at a meeting.
    The department has a staff of 40 (people).
    She's a new member of the staff.
    He has been on the staff [=a member of the staff] for 25 years. [noncount]
    (USThere are 100 people on staff. [=working as members of the staff]
    (BritShe's a new member of staff.
    [count] :a group of military officers who help a commanding officer but who do not take part in active fighting
    The general's staff is planning the army's  move. - see also chief of staff, joint chiefs of staff usage Staff may be used as a plural noun to mean the members of a staff.
    The company employs 20 full-time staff.
    The staff are at a meeting.
    pl staves [count]
    a old-fashioned :a long stick that you carry in your hand for support while walking
    a long stick that is carried as a symbol of authority
    a bishop's staff
    pl staves [count] music :the five horizontal lines and the spaces between them on which music is written - called also stave
    staff of life
    literary :a basic food especially; :bread
    staffs; staffed; staffing
    [+ obj] to supply (an organization or business) with workers
    We'll need 300 workers to properly staff the hotel. - often used as (bestaffed
    to work for (an organization or business) as a member of a staff
    the 300 workers who staff the hotel - often used as (bestaffed

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