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  • noun
    plural crews
    [count] the group of people who operate a ship, airplane, or train
    a skilled member of a ship's crew
    crew members
    the people who work on a ship except the officers and captain
    [count] :a group of people who do a specified kind of work together
    the film's camera crew
    the driver's pit crew [=people who fix a race car during a race]
    one of the factory's crew chiefs [=people in charge of a group of workers] - see also ground crew
    [singular] informal :a group of people who are friends or who are doing something together
    He and his crew [=gangused to hang out at the bowling alley.
    [count] :a team that rows a boat in a race against other boats
    [noncount] US :the sport of racing in long, narrow boats that are moved by rowing with oars :rowing
    crews; crewed; crewing
    to work as a member of a crew that operates a ship or airplane [no obj]
    The ship was crewed by 12 men.

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