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  • noun
    plural sods
    chiefly US
    [noncount] :the upper layer of soil that is made up of grass and plant roots
    [count, noncount] :a piece of sod
    They were laying sod in the yard. - compare 2sod
    plural sods
    Brit informal
    [count] a offensive :a person who is unpleasant, offensive, or annoying
    He's a nasty old sod.
    b impolite :a man who you think is lucky, unlucky, etc.
    [singular] impolite :something that is annoying or difficult
    The problem was a real sod to fix. - compare 1sod
    give a sod
    also care a sod
    Brit informal + impolite :to care at all about someone or something - used in negative statements
    odds and sods
    Brit informal :odds and ends
    sod all
    Brit informal + impolite :nothing at all
    You've done (sweet) sod all to help me!
    They were wearing sod all.
    sods; sodded; sodding
    [+ obj] Brit informal + impolite - used to show that you are angry or annoyed at a person, thing, or situation
    Sod [=damnyouI'm not going to do it.
    Sod this machine.
    Sod it (all). I can't be bothered with this.
    sod off
    Brit informal + impolite - used to tell someone to leave or go away
    Sod off or I'll call the police.

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