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neutral /ˈnuːtrəl/  /Brit ˈnjuːtrəl/

  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    not supporting either side of an argument, fight, war, etc.
    neutral countries
    not supporting one political view over another
    She tries to be a fair and neutral journalist.
    a neutral magazine
    not connected with either side involved in a war, contest, etc.
    The battle took place in neutral waters.
    The duel will be held on neutral ground.
    neutral territory
    [more ~; most ~] :not expressing strong opinions or feelings
    The report was written in neutral language.
    Why did you do thathe asked in a neutral tone of voice.
    not bright or strong in color :able to go easily with other colors
    a neutral gray
    neutral fabrics
    technical :neither an acid nor a base
    a neutral compound
    a chemical with a neutral pH
    technical :not having an electrical charge
    a neutral molecule
    plural -trals
    [count] :a color that is not bright or strong :a neutral color - usually plural
    [noncount] :the position of the gears in a car, truck, etc., when they do not touch each other and power from the engine does not move the wheels
    He put/left the car in neutral.
    [count] :a person, country, etc., that does not support either side of an argument, fight, war, etc.
    Their sister remained a neutral in the dispute.

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