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English /ˈɪŋglɪʃ/  

  • adjective
    of or relating to England or its people
    an English town/poet/garden
    English customs
    of or relating to the chief language of Great Britain, the U.S., etc.
    the English language
    an English dictionary
    [noncount] the chief language of Great Britain, the U.S., and many areas now or formerly under British control
    Do you speak English?
    the grammar of English
    a particular type of English
    English language, literature, or writing as a subject of study
    I teach high-school English.
    the English :the people of England
    [noncount] :normal English that is not difficult to understand
    I asked the doctor to give me my diagnosis in English, not medical jargon. - often used in the phrase in plain English
    The contract is written in plain English.

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