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  • noun
    or Earth [singular] :the planet on which we live
    (The) Earth is the third planet from the sun.
    life on earth
    the planet Earth
    [noncount] :land as opposed to the sea, the air, etc.
    We could feel the earth shake.
    [noncount] :the material in which plants grow :soil
    a mound of earth
    [count] Brit :1ground
    [singular] chiefly Brit informal :a large amount of money
    pay the earth
    (a) heaven on earth
    xem heaven
    move heaven and earth
    xem move
    on earth
    in the world
    It's the tallest building on earth.
    She said she wouldn't marry him if he were the last man on earth.
    He says that nothing on earth will change his mind.
    used to make a question more forceful
    Why on earth [=in the worldeverdid you do that?
    What on earth is he talking about?
    Where on earth are my keys?
    promise someone the earth
    the ends of the earth
    xem end
    the salt of the earth
    xem salt
    earths; earthed; earthing
    [+ obj] Brit :2ground

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