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  • noun
    [noncount] loose earth or soil
    mounds/piles of dirt
    a substance (such as mud or dust) that makes things unclean
    You've got some dirt on your face.
    No amount of cleaning will get rid of all this dirt.
    informal :a person or thing that has no value
    He treated me like dirt. [=he treated me very badly]
    informal :information about someone that could harm the person's reputation
    To dig up (the) dirt on someone is to find out information that is harmful to that person's reputation.
    To dish (the) dirt is to spread harmful gossip or information.
    He seems to have written his memoirs mainly so that he can dish the dirt on all his former lovers. - see also pay dirt
    hit the dirt
    xem hit
    in the dirt
    In baseball, a pitch is in the dirt when it hits the ground near home plate before reaching the catcher.
    He swung and missed at a curveball in the dirt.

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