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  • noun
    /ˈtɚf/ , pl turfs also Brit turves /ˈtɚvz/
    [noncount] :the upper layer of ground that is made up of grass and plant roots
    a piece of turf
    b Brit :a square piece of turf cut out of the ground that is used for making lawns [count]
    a lawn made by laying turf [=(USsod]
    a material that looks like grass and that is used especially to cover athletic fields [noncount]
    an area or a place that you control or that feels like your home [count]
    The team beat us on our own turf. [=we were defeated at home] [noncount]
    The team played on home turf.
    the turf :the sport or business of horse racing - often used as turf before another noun
    turf writers/races - see also surf and turf
    turfs; turfed; turfing
    turf out
    also turf off [phrasal verb]
    turf (someone) out/off or turf out/off (someone) Brit informal :to force (someone) to leave a place or position

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