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  • adjective
    bluer; bluest
    having the color of the clear sky
    his bright blue eyes
    the deep blue ocean - see also baby blue, black-and-bluecobalt blue, navy blue, royal blue, sky blue, true-blue
    sad or unhappy
    Are you feeling blue? - see also blues
    blue in the face
    If you do something until you are blue in the face, you do it for a very long time without having any success or making any difference.
    I talked to him until I was blue in the facebut he wouldn't listen to me.
    blue with cold
    or blue from the cold
    chiefly Brit of a person or body part :blue from being exposed to cold for too long
    Her hands and feet are blue with cold.
    He was shivering and blue from the cold.
    go blue
    Brit :to turn blue from being cold or not breathing
    talk a blue streak
    US :to talk rapidly and without stopping
    plural blues
    the color of the clear sky [noncount]
    Her favorite color is blue.
    shades of blue
    He was dressed in blue. [=blue clothing]
    The sky was overcastbut here and there I could see a patch of blue. [=blue sky] [count]
    see color picture
    the blue literary :the sky or the sea
    They sailed off into the blue.
    out of the blue
    without warning :in a surprising or unexpected way
    Thenout of the blue, he sold his house and left the country.

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