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  • noun
    /ˈklɑːɵ/ , pl cloths /ˈklɑːðz, ˈklɑːɵs/
    material that is made by weaving together threads of cotton, wool, nylon, etc., and that is used to make clothes, sheets, etc. [noncount]
    a piece of cloth [=fabric] [count]
    a cloth bag
    [count] :a piece of cloth that is used for a particular purpose (such as cleaning things)
    Wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth.
    the cloth :Christian priests and ministers :clergy
    He has great respect for the cloth.
    a man of the cloth [=a priest or minister]
    cut from the same cloth
    If people or things are cut from the same cloth, they are very similar to each other.
    Our mothers were cut from the same cloth.
    out of whole cloth
    US informal
    If something is created out of whole cloth, it is invented in order to trick someone into believing something.

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