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  • verb
    chucks; chucked; chucking
    [+ obj] informal
    to throw or toss (something)
    to get rid of (something)
    You can save some of itbut chuck the rest. - sometimes + out
    to give up (something)
    He decided to chuck [=abandonleavehis career/job. - often + in
    He grew tired of his job and decided to just chuck it (allin. [=quitgive it up]
    to touch or tap (someone) in a light and gentle way
    chuck out
    [phrasal verb]
    chuck (someone) out or chuck out (someone) :to force (someone) to leave
    He was chucked out of the bar for being too noisy. - see also 1chuck 2 (above)
    plural chucks
    [noncount] :a piece of beef that comes from the area of a cow's neck and shoulders
    I'll get some chuck for dinner.
    a chuck roast
    [count] :a part of a machine that holds something so that it does not move
    To remove the drill bitloosen the chuck.

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