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  • noun
    plural buffs
    [count] :a person who is very interested in something and who knows a lot about it
    She's a tennis buff. [=fanenthusiast]
    [noncount] :a light somewhat yellow or orange color - see color picture - compare 1buff
    in the buff
    informal :not wearing any clothes :naked
    They sunbathe in the buff. [=in the nude]
    to the buff
    informal :to a naked condition
    or buffed
    [more ~; most ~] US informal :having a strong, muscular body or form
    a buff bodybuilder
    He's at the gym every day trying to get buff.
    the buff body of an athlete
    buffs; buffed; buffing
    [+ obj] :to make (a surface) smooth and shiny by rubbing it
    buff up
    [phrasal verb]
    buff up or buff (someone or something) up or buff up (someone or something) informal :to become stronger and more muscular or to make (someone or something) stronger and more muscular by exercising and weight lifting

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