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buffet /bəˈfeɪ/  /Brit ˈbʊˌfeɪ/

  • noun
    plural -fets
    [count] a meal for which different foods are placed on a table so that people can serve themselves
    There will be a cold buffet [=a meal of different cold foods set on a tableat the party. - often used before another noun
    He went back to the buffet table for a second helping.
    a buffet meal/lunch/dinner
    chiefly Brit :a place in a train, a bus station, etc., where people can buy food and drinks - see also buffet car
    chiefly US :a piece of furniture that is used in a dining room for holding dishes, silverware, etc. :sideboard
    -fets; -feted; -feting
    [+ obj] :to hit (something) with great force many times

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