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  • noun
    plural bricks
    [count] :a small, hard block of baked clay that is used to build structures (such as houses) and sometimes to make streets, paths, etc.
    [noncount] :blocks of baked clay used as building material
    a house made of brick
    a brick sidewalk
    [count] a block of something
    a brick of ice cream
    a glass brick
    b Brit :a child's toy block
    [count] informal + somewhat old-fashioned :a helpful or dependable person
    He has been an absolute brick.
    bricks and mortar
    Brit :houses and other buildings especially when people consider buying them because of their possible future value
    drop a brick
    xem drop
    like a ton of bricks
    informal :very hard or severely
    bricks; bricked; bricking
    brick up
    [phrasal verb]
    brick (something) up or brick up (something) :to cover or block (something) with bricks

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