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  • noun
    plural aces
    [count] a playing card with one large figure in its center that can be the card with either the highest or lowest value
    a person who is very skilled at something
    a computer ace
    a point scored on a serve that an opponent fails to hit in tennis
    US :a score of one on a hole in golf :hole in one
    an ace in the hole
    US or chiefly Brit an ace up your sleeve
    If you have an ace in the hole or an ace up your sleeve, you have a powerful and often secret weapon, advantage, etc., that you can use if it is needed.
    hold all the aces
    to have a strong advantage over others in a contest, competition, etc.
    within an ace of
    informal :very near to (doing something)
    aces; aced; acing
    [+ obj] US informal :to earn a very high grade on (an examination) :to get a grade of A on (an examination)
    to score an ace against (an opponent in tennis)
    US :to score an ace on (a hole in golf)
    She aced the 14th hole. [=she had a hole in one on the 14th hole]

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